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Bullbeggars Allotments awarded 2nd place in Woking Borough Allotment Competition

Last week Horsell Allotment Association proudly collected our certificate awarded at the Woking Council Allotment Competition presentation evening. Horsell Allotment Association’s Bullbeggars Site placed second in the Best Kept Allotment Site competition, judging having taken place in early July.

There are 5 categories in the Allotments competition all using the same scoring system with marks out of 20 given for each of Tidiness, Variety and Quality. These are then totalled to give a total score out of 60.

  • Tunis Cup                                            Best Kept Allotment Site
  • Ted Smith Shield                               Best Plot in Borough
  • Leam Challenge Shield                    Best 1st Year Plot holder
  • Benstead Scroll                                 Best Plot Cultivated by a Gardener over 70 Years of Age
  • Ashley Slocock                                   Best Plot Cultivated by a Lady

Tunis Cup

Out of the 10 sites in Woking Borough, Knaphill came first with 48 points out of 60, Bullbeggars came 2nd with 45 points and Littlewicks 9th with 20 points. The Judges made the following comments:

Bullbeggars: Really good site, well tended + productive, good visual aspect. Beautiful site, well maintained, good communal areas.

Littlewicks:  Some communal areas excellent, plots suffer from lack of attention, weeds + failure to enrich the soil.

Ted Smith Shield

The winner from Knaphill scored 55 points. Our entrants scored as follows: B69 – 33 points, B46 – 37 Points, B48 – 48 points, L1&2 – 28 points, L53 – 35 points, L67 – 31 points

Leam Challenge Shield

The winner from Goldsworth Park scored 45 points. Our entrants scored as follows: B28b – 27 points, B36b – 28 points, L37a&b – 15 point, L24a – 25 points

Benstead Scroll

The winner from Knaphill scored 54 points. Our entrants scored as follows: B54 – 41 points, B65 – 28 points, L74 – 19 points

Ashley Slocock

The winner from Knaphill scored 55 points. Our entrants scored as follows: B45 – 30 points, B103 – 38 points, B65 – 28 points, L15 – 28 points, L72 – 26 points, L5 – 34 points.

Whilst we did not crack the top three positions in any individual category Bullbeggars second position was pleasing and each year the comments on Littlewicks indicate the gradual improvement of this still relatively new site. Thank you to everybody who kept the sites tidy for the judging and our thanks to those who entered the individual competitions on behalf of us all.