About Horsell Allotment Association

Horsell Allotment Association has two thriving allotment sites, with constant waiting lists. In total we have 192 plots across both sites. Plot holders are able to grow the fruits and vegetables they wish to grow on their plots, but we do have some rules and bye-laws which should be upheld. As an association we try to build a friendly community of growers, and as such we hold competitions each year for best plot, best newcomer, and best plot held by a member over 70. We also have a tallest sunflower competition for children and enjoy each other’s company at an annual association barbecue. We have an open day each year, either through the Horsell Garden Safari, or National Gardens Scheme.

On this page you can find information about how to join HAA, and also our long history as an Allotment Association in Horsell.

Joining Horsell Allotment Association

Our current rents are £30 for a full 5 rod plot. This standard plot is roughly the size of a tennis court, perhaps longer but narrower. We also have half plots available.

All newcomers enter into a 6 month trial period.

If you would like to join our waiting list, please submit the form via this link…

A brief history…

Horsell Allotment Association was formed in September 1917. The Association is fortunate in that the minutes of every meeting since 1917 and all the account books and records dating back to the early days, still exist. These are now lodged in the safe keeping of the Surrey History Centre.

We have moved around a fair bit in the time since 1917, we were allocated land at our present Bullbeggars site in 1967 and moved in at the end of March 1969.

The second site at Carthouse Lane, named Littlewicks, was opened by double Chelsea winner Cleve West on 6 June 2012 with an initial 80 plots, mostly of 5 rods. The site also included a separate area to use as a mini orchard and an apiary, which quickly grew to hold twelve bee hives to compliment the two already in existence at Bullbeggars. In the intervening time, to meet the demand extra half plots have been created. There are now 192 plots across both sites.

In 2017 the Bullbeggars site recieved a new “Club House”, complete with a kitchen, toilet and small shop. The new building was completed just in time for the members from both sites to join together at Bullbeggars in September 2017 for a BBQ to celebrate 100 years of the formation of the Association. A time capsule was buried beneath the new building, containing photos and documents commemorating the centenary.

If you would like to learn more about our history, please take a look at the document available below: